Hormonal Acne – Causes and Treatment Methods

November 9, 2011 0
Hormonal Acne – Causes and Treatment Methods

There are certain things that you need to understand if you want to know to know the causes of hormonal acne, and what the triggers might be that start the process. Understanding the root causes of various types of acne is essential if you want to know how to treat it.

Hormonal Acne Causes

An imbalance of the hormones in the body is one of the primary hormonal acne causes and so it is a condition that normally appears in adolescents between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Hormonal acne is a type of acne that usually goes away as time passes and only rarely lasts beyond the early twenties. Hormonal acne does sometimes occur in people older than their early twenties but when it does the symptoms are generally more severe than they are in adolescents. Imbalances occur in the body’s hormonal makeup due to the production of androgens and this results in sebum building up, collecting in hair follicles and blocking the person’s pores. When the pores of the skin become blocked it causes bacterial growth, which in turn leads to the eruption of spots, pimples and pustules. See hormonal acne pictures below.

Severe hormonal imbalances are usually determined to be the cause of hormonal acne. Over stimulation of the sebaceous glands makes them larger and increases the production of sebum. The more sebum that the body produces, the more blocked the pores become; pimples, spots and pustules are the result. In women, hormonal acne may appear at menstruation, in pregnancy, periods of stress, the condition may also be associated with an imbalance in the production of insulin. When the skin is irritated and the person scratches, this can cause further inflammation, people taking anabolic steroids may also develop hormonal acne.

Hormonal Acne Treatment

The main reason for the types of hormonal acne treatment is to rebalance the hormones and reduce the production of sebum. Treatments also aim to stop skin cells malfunctioning and reducing any inflammation. The condition is alleviated when the hormonal balance is restored and when the sufferer eats a healthy diet, avoids stress, has a good skin hygiene routine, and the prescription of oral medications. It is possible to avoid prescription medications and redress the hormonal imbalance using natural methods spearmint tea is known to lower the levels of androgen in the body. Contraceptive pills are often a prescribed hormonal acne treatment for female sufferers as these can reduce the amount of androgens the body is producing. Once the underlying hormonal factors are dealt with it is much easier to manage the symptoms of the condition.

A good skincare routine is very important for alleviating the symptoms of hormonal acne. Using an exfoliator from time to time and washing away oil and bacteria and applying a clarifying gel is usually enough to reduce the risk of further eruptions of spots etc. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding over spiced foods is important if you want to keep your skin clear and prevent further eruptions. Don’t use harsh cleansers as these can irritate the skin and may cause the acne to flare.


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